Traveling So Much You Forgot About Halloween?

Halloween is celebrated by adults in the DC scene, and I had plans for a very Doctor Who-vian inspired costume.  I kept talking it up.  Then, this morning, I remembered Halloween is last week.

According to FourSquare (the way I remember where I’ve been), I have been on the road for the last five weeks.


I was trying to figure out what to do about Halloween, when I got a cool email from Rent the Runway in my inbox.  (It’s like they read my mind!)

Their email was completely centered around how you can use their rentals to fashion a last minute Halloween costume, and the suggestions are cute!


There’s many, many more suggestions if you click through, though I’ve got my eye on the Audrey Hepburn (so hands off!  Just kidding!  …mostly!)

You can receive $20 off these rentals by using the code SPOOKY13.

Disclaimer:  If you sign up using my referral link, we will both receive $20 credit after your first rental.  Feel free to sign up without the referral link, but if you do use my link–I appreciate your support!  I would never suggest a product I wouldn’t use, and I <3 Rent the Runway.


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  1. You’re not doing the sharknado one?

    • Jeanne Marie Hoffman

      I considered it, but to really pull that off, I’d love fake blood on it which would ruin the rented dress. (sigh.)

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