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Birchbox is a great way to try out new products and collect travel sized items to bring with you on the road.  For a $10/month subscription fee, you receive a box of samples (and sometimes snacks) worth more than the $10 subscription fee.  I get pretty excited when my Birchbox comes each month–but then again, I love surprises in general.  Believe it or not, this product isn’t just for women.  There is a men’s box you can subscribe to, but I cannot vouch for it at all.  (Edit:  The men’s box is $20/month)

a box with a pink ribbon and a small box with a pink ribbon

As I was packing my beauty products for a fun trip I’m taking, I started realizing I had received most of these products through my Birchbox subscription. In fact, I discovered one of my travel must haves from a Birchbox shipment.  Thus, this post about it.

Birchbox, by the way, has offers free shipping on products you’ve sampled if you end up wanting full-size.  They also frequently have 20% off coupons.  (I’ve received one about every three months).

What’s in my carry-on right now:

Jouer Moisture Tint + SPF

a black plastic container with white text

I don’t usually use foundation or coverup, but occasionally my Irish shows through a bit too much with overly rosy cheeks.  To avoid blinding bystanders, I like to use a foundation to tone it down, but I hate the heaviness of foundation.  What is great about Jouer is it feels like a moisturizer instead of a foundation, so when we are running around or chasing after planes, I still feel fresh.  And I don’t need to apply sunscreen separately.

VMV Hypoallergenics Re-Everything Eye Serum

a bottle of hypoallergenic serum

This product was worth about $35 alone.   When I put this on the bags under my sleepy flyer’s eyes, it tightens those bags up and relieves the tired-achy feeling they have.  It is the first thing I reach for when I am just plain over-tired at home or work too.  I think I’ve gotten Keri addicted to it now because she’ll ask me for it during flights.

The other benefit of this product that might not apply to everyone is, I’m the type of person that when I put most things near my eyes, I have an allergic reaction.  Most eye makeup, eye creams, etc.  But when I put this on, I don’t even get watery eyes.  It really is very hypoallergenic.

 Sugar Rose Lip Treatment

a pink lipstick with a red tube

I’m in love with this one.  Lipstick doesn’t need to be travel-sized, but I can keep this tucked away in with the rest of my travel items so that I always have it.  Partly a lip tint, partly a chapstick, this lip treatment offers moisture and color in a creamy, silky fashion.  My lips feel great when I use it, and the color isn’t overwhelming.  This competes with the eye serum for my favorite Birchbox item.


a close-up of a chocolate bar

I didn’t intend to include LaraBars intially, mostly because I forgot that I had discovered them in a Birchbox.  So while I don’t have the original LaraBar I received in my purse (gross!), I always have a few just in case on trips.  In fact, I’m snacking on one now as I write this from the road.  LaraBars feel more like a meal than other snack bars I’ve found because they are a mix of fruit and nuts without being too sweet.


I have been so excited over my Birchboxes that Keri signed up as well.  However, when she received her Birchbox, mine was a lot… well, nicer.  That’s when we realized the survey you fill out on the site matters.

Here’s what I have on my profile:

a screenshot of a computer

I also selected I have an active lifestyle at the bottom.

Keri changed her answers to match mine, so we’ll see how that works out next Birchbox.  If you would like to sign up for Birchbox and use my link, I will get a slight credit on the site, but feel free to sign up without my link.  I will not be offended!


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  1. Nice report, got me interested enough to look further, got as far as the men’s birchbox is $20.

  2. I still put in a request for the $10 box for my daughter, not waiting to complete the “deal”

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