Snacks Made to Travel

One item that is really important to me while traveling is snack food.  And not just for the plane!

It gets really tedious eating out while on the road.  In fact, my birthday wish was to have dinner in.  When I want a quick meal, I don’t want to have to run to a restaurant and order something small.  I want a quick meal.

For a while, I was completely committed to GoPicnic.  These ready to eat meals contained multiple items that were individually wrapped, so I can pull them apart and eat different components at different times.  And I had limited amounts of the splurge items, so if I did something like… eat all the desserts from all the boxes I brought with me, I’d have no dessert the rest of the trip!


The only problem I ran into was that I eventually got sick and tired of them!  There were only six flavors, and I didn’t care for two (out of personal preference for those food items, the taste was fine), so constantly rotating four items got really old.  I just saw that they now have twelve selections, and it has been a while since I ate them, so I may revisit.

I currently use Graze Boxes to tide over my snacking needs, and love it!  (They are sort of like Birchboxes, except you can eat the entire box.  Well, not the box itself. The food they send you in the box)

Graze sends you four items a week for $5.  After you receive them, you can rate what you thought of an item on a sliding scale.  This determines how frequently they send that item to you.  They mix things up to keep it fresh, and you can eliminate allergies and dislikes from the get-go.


There’s a wait list to join, but I currently have an invitation, code:  P5WX917D .  As more invites open up to me, that same code with continue to work, so feel free to try back or post your own so someone else can join.  I get $1 off if someone joins, in full disclosure 😉

2013-02-26 12.52.44

I’ve been extremely happy with the selection I’ve gotten so far, though I do have a preference for their savory items over the sweet (excluding chocolate, always give me chocolate).  The sweet is still good, and I think that is mere personal preference.

What snacks do you bring on the road?


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  1. I bring apples, peanuts and almonds always. I’ve had good luck getting hummus through security which I eat with red bell pepper strips. I’ve also had no trouble bringing Whole Foods’s spring rolls w/ peanut sauce either.

    What I really want to find is wine sold in 100ml bottles. So far the mini bottles have all been in 125 ml sizes or bigger. I hate airplane chardonnay and the 100ml plastic bottles I’ve bought a CVS leak.

  2. I carry a small ziplock of animal crackers, nature valley bars and pure protein brand protein bars as well as sugar free gum and halls sugar free vitamin c drops.

  3. Just received my first Graze box & here are 4 codes to use as invitations for your own: LISAC4R1B

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