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How Kind of this Winery to Think of Me

I subscribe to a service called Tasting Room done by Lot18. Lot18 is a website that peddles wines.  I got into it because sometimes I was able to snag bottles of wine for ~$0.98. I ended up subscribing to Tasting Room, which is a service that sends you a case …

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Gluten-free Snacks to Travel With

I’ve previously written about different snack companies I liked to get shipments from to take traveling with me.  I’ve since had a lot of food restrictions introduced that haven’t allowed me to eat as many things as I’d like! One of those snack companies I’ve used, Love With Food, has …

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Sausage Crust Pizza for $95?

Last night, someone sent me a beautiful thing. A pizza shop in Chicago makes its pizza–not with wheat–but with a sausage crust.   I was drooling all over my computer screen. Of course, today, this pops up:   #Airfare Deal: [AA] Washington D.C. – Chicago (and vice versa) $86 r/t. …

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How Food Restrictions Are Making Me More… Creative

I wrote about the new food restrictions I’ve been facing.  I’m starting to realize that all it takes is a bit of creativity in some cases. When traveling, I’ve been making modifications to food.  Mostly, I’m getting a lot of salads at places even though I hate salads. It’s easy …

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Try the World Review: Not Super Impressed

Once Try the World came out, I saw a lot of positive reviews for the concept of it. And the concept is cool.  Every other month, you receive a box of 6-7 delicacies from a country of the month. All for $39. I signed up for a few months to check …

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