Gluten-free Snacks to Travel With

I’ve previously written about different snack companies I liked to get shipments from to take traveling with me.  I’ve since had a lot of food restrictions introduced that haven’t allowed me to eat as many things as I’d like!

One of those snack companies I’ve used, Love With Food, has introduced a Gluten-Free Box.

They are not only Gluten-Free, but they are also guaranteed to be celiac-safe.

It’s great to see more options becoming available for different food restrictions.  I’ve been pleasantly surprised by how easy it has been to eat out at restaurants, but I’ve had difficulty finding items I can eat that are convenient.

While I don’t have celiac disease myself, I was glad to come across this newer product from a company I used all the time.  Love With Food had monthly themed boxes full of snacks.  My favorite one was a honey-themed one that I definitely could not eat now.  But in addition to their regular boxes, they now have a Gluten-Free Box.


Everything I’ve gotten from this company in the past has been high quality.  And if you use my link, you’ll get 50% off (and I’ll get some credit as well), but I guarantee I would not recommend anything I don’t love myself.

Love with Food boxes come with 10-12 different snacks each month.  From the website:  “All snacks are free of artificial coloring, flavoring, msg, trans fat, high fructose corn syrup and hydrogenated oil.”

With the 50% discount, it works out to $12.99 for the first month.  After that, it is $25 a month.

The biggest benefit of these snack boxes for me has been discovering new foods I didn’t know existed.  I subscribe to a box especially directed towards my dietary issues, and I’ve been discovering new things I’ve been allowed to eat each month.

So this box would be especially good for anyone who has been recently diagnosed and has to change their diets.  This should help you find some alternative snacks quickly!

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  1. How awesome that they get you those yummy snacks! I went gluten-free recently, and I noticed how hard it was to find good gluten free snacks when I was in the airport, on the plane, or needing a quick bite. I’ll definitely check this box out, thanks for sharing!

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