New Kellogg’s Cafe in NYC Serves “Elevated” Breakfast Cereal

Similar to the Pop Tarts pop-up store, Kellogg’s has launched a cereal cafe in New York City as a marketing move.

They will be serving “elevated” breakfast cereal, such as “Frosted Flakes with pistachios, lemon zest, and fresh thyme.”

It will be opening this Monday, July 4th, in the Time Square area.

According to the New York Daily News, the cereal bowls will be $7.50 each–but don’t worry, that includes the milk.  (I need a sarcasm font).

For $2 extra, you can add yogurt or soft-serve to your cereal bowl.

Non-fancy bowls of cereal (read: the ones you can pour at home) are $4.50.

cereal bowl

The owner of the shop thinks people will come out even though they can have cereal at home, and likens the experience to going to a bar for a beer when you can have a beer at home.

I’m not so sure.

I went to the Pop Tart pop-up store and while it was a cute idea, the “Pop Tart sushi” and other food items you could get there weren’t exactly executed well.

They also had a machine where you could assemble your own Pop Tart box using a robot.  It cost $15 to do that (versus the ~$3 you’d pay for a box of Pop Tarts).  The marketing around that insisted people would feel like they got to make their own box.  Understandably, it just made the customers (especially loyal ones) mad.

It had one star on Yelp.

I’m not sure many people–locals and tourists alike–would happily eat the $4.50-$7.50 bowl of cereal.  Something like this seems more apt for the hispter-y areas of Brooklyn (and still, even then, at a lower price point).

And getting the ambiance right will be a challenge too.  Walking into Pop Tart World was like walking into the strange child of FAO Schwartz and the Small World ride from Disney.

I think Pop Tart’s stab at this definitely hurt their brand.  I hope, for their own sake, Kellogg gets it right.

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  1. “…Thinks people will come out even though they can have cereal at home, and likens the experience to going to a bar for a beer when you can have a beer at home.”

    Having a beer is a thing people already like to do with other people, though. You go to a bar to see other folks and be seen while you drink beer. People invite each other over so they can drink beer together.

    Eating cereal is strictly reserved for when I’m at home, alone, wearing my most atrocious pajamas and laughing way too loud at cartoons I’m way too old to still like.

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