Have You Ever Been Robbed While Traveling?

Yesterday, I talked about  a bag that helps keep your money and valuables safe in hostels and other public locations.  I also wrote about how my friend was robbed by one of her new friends while sleeping at a hotel.

Another person I know was robbed week.  His hotel room was cleaned out.

I’ve been lucky myself (knock on wood).  My only experience was years and years ago.

I purchased some coffee and paid with cash.  You can tell this was a while ago, because I used cash!

coffee to go

I was juggling a few bags, so I accidentally grabbed two twenties out of my purse.  I paid for the coffee and was handed it almost immediately, and didn’t have time to put my money away.

So I temporarily put it into the front pocket of my pants.

bad idea

I stepped to the side with my coffee and went to take a sip.  Suddenly, someone walked right into me, and crushed the coffee cup into me.

The person didn’t even stop.  Someone nearby ran over to help me clean up, when I suddenly realized.  All the money was gone from my pocket.


The thing is, I just wish the person told me they were going to spill really hot coffee all over me in exchange for less than $40.  That was the worst part.

Edit: Reading an old post, I realized it was even less than that.  I had coffee spilled on me over $16.  Ouch.  

But I learned better after that.  You don’t publicly put your change away.  Especially not into an exposed pocket.  And in addition to earning you miles and points, credit cards are great for preventing theft.

I now keep one in a zippered pocket that’s easily accessible.  I’m not exposing my cash (or my IDs) to anyone.  And if that card gets stolen, you can easily cancel it.

But I’ve been relatively lucky given how much I travel.  That’s my worst story.

How about you?  What has happened while you’ve been traveling?

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  2. Me and a friend were driving around down town Buenos Aires. When we stopped at a red light a young man maybe 18-24 started to wash the windshield. When he was done my friend went to give him some money through the drivers window. The window washer then came around to the passenger side and I took the cash lowered my window and he stuck his arm in and stole my phone, right out of my lap. He then proceeded to run very fast into a neighborhood where it is known that cops will not go. Luckily he didn’t get my wallet since I was getting everything ready to check in at the airport ID passport cash etc. I never saw my phone again but I did have the find my phone app that would let me wipe my phone and make it pretty useless for them.

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