Happy 90th Birthday, Mel Brooks

Years back, my aunt was at a casino.  She was playing craps, and the man next to her was helping her.

He asked her about her children, and rolled the dice in their favor.  He was an overall really nice guy.

That’s when Anne Bancroft joined them.

Turns out she was gambling with Mel Brooks, and he was a really nice guy.

Mel Brooks

Today, he was trending on Twitter, which immediately made me nervous.  But it turns out he was trending because it is his 90th birthday.  Wow!

Mel Brooks has been a huge influence on me, and I’ve seen every movie he has directed.  He created the slapstick-chic-era (if that’s something that can exist) by pairing high-brow humor with, well, fart jokes.

From his outright hysterical films (Blazing Saddles) to his more poignant, but still funny (To Be or Not to Be), he continues to leave impact after impact on this world.

And yes, I think even the less-critically acclaimed Twelve Chairs and High Anxiety are great–he just set the barrier so high for himself.

Many people believe that the silliness that still lasts in comedies is largely due to Mel Brooks making it okay to have slapstick in your movies, but still get taken seriously as a director.

He’s accomplished so much and brought comedies to a new level, and I’m so happy he’s still creating things.

I’ll leave you with one of my favorite moments:

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  1. Blazing saddles is one of my favorite movies!! I love his take on political correctness.

  2. you are truly an old soul.

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