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Denmark and Sweden Are Trolling Each Other on Twitter

a boy and girl sticking their tongues out

Seriously, this is happening right now. Back when I was in school, I went to a conference for students from all over the world.  I started hanging out with a group of people that included someone from Denmark, someone from Norway, and someone from Sweden.  And wow the jokes were …

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Win a Trip to Watch a Show About Taking a Trip (meta!)

a group of people standing around cars

This is the first time I’ve seen a trip giveaway on Amazon. The Grand Tour Sweepstakes From what I can tell, The Grand Tour is a TV show being filmed by Amazon where three gentlemen drive around the world, checking out the sites–in awesome cars. What’s missing is information about …

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Strange Odor Grounds Allegiant Flight

a woman holding her nose with her hand

An Orlando bound flight made an emergency landing after there was a strange smell in the cabin.  There was no smoke or any other sign of distress. According to the South Bound Tribune: An Allegiant Air flight from South Bend to Orlando made an emergency landing at another Florida airport …

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Season 1 of Dragon Ball Z for Free!

a cartoon of a man with a sword

Okay, I have to admit, I used to watch this. And Microsoft is offering the first season of it for free.  This isn’t a rental or a stream, but an actual ownership. This includes 39 episodes of the season. What is Dragon Ball Z? It is is a Japanese anime television …

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