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The Time I Got Bit by a Customer While Bartending

a blurry image of a bar

The bar isn’t just a counter between the bartender and the customer–it also is a protective barrier.  It’s hard to grab bottles of alcohol and it’s hard to take a swing at the bartender. So even though I’ve had a lot of episodes of getting hit in the face with …

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Vanilla Ice Loses His Cool in an Airport

a man wearing a blue hat

Missing a flight can happen to anyone.  Including ’90s rapper, Vanilla Ice. Vanilla Ice, also know as Robert Van Winkle, took a call that ran a little long while waiting in the Atlanta Airport.  So long, he missed his flight. Naturally, he blamed the gate agent in a meltdown that …

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Buy a $7 DVD and Get $8 Gift Card to Suicide Squad

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If you were already planning on seeing Suicide Squad, this is a great deal.  Basically, you can get a dollar off the movie price, plus get a DVD for free. If you purchase a DVD off this list of comic book / super hero themed movies, you will receive a …

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Is Napa Regulating Out Small, “Startup” Wineries?

a sign in front of a vineyard

Walter Olson at Overlawyered wrote about an article on Napa Wineries.  His lead in got me: Regulation is helping make the Napa Valley “a weird museum for rich people†… Naturally, I was intrigued. He linked to an article on Coyote Blog that talks about the different regulations new wineries have …

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All Four Bourne Movies for $20 Plus Free $5 Amazon Gift Card

a man walking with a boat in the background

Amazon has a deal on The Bourne Classified Collection (Bourne Identity / Bourne Supremacy / Bourne Ultimatum / Bourne Legacy) (Blu-ray + Digital HD).  It’s on sale for $19.99.  In addition to that, Amazon is giving a $5 gift card to everyone who purchase this collection today.  You’ll get the …

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