Vanilla Ice Loses His Cool in an Airport

Missing a flight can happen to anyone.  Including ’90s rapper, Vanilla Ice.

Vanilla Ice, also know as Robert Van Winkle, took a call that ran a little long while waiting in the Atlanta Airport.  So long, he missed his flight.

Stop, collaborate and listen... to the gate announcements.
Stop, collaborate and listen… to the gate announcements.

Naturally, he blamed the gate agent in a meltdown that got caught on cell phone.

From Page Six:

The ’90s rapper, 48, was recorded by a bystander shouting at a Delta employee because he missed his flight from the Peach State to Nebraska, where he held a concert Monday night.

The woman who recorded the incident called it a “temper tantrum†and claims Ice missed his flight due to his own actions. She says Ice, who was allegedly on his phone, arrived 10 minutes after the cutoff time for boarding — which set off the chain of events.

When he started blaming the gate agents (with rather profane language), bystanders were quick to defend the staff.  One man explained how you use the gate monitors, though I’m not sure Mr. Van Winkle was too appreciative.

The original footage appears to be deleted, but Inside Edition posted a report that contains clips from it.

Vanilla Ice tweeted an apology non-apology a few minutes later, still claiming he was in the right (but went about it the wrong way).

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