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Amazing Deal: Fly East Coast to Budapest for ~$300

a bridge over water with lights

There’s a great deal from the East Coast to Budapest right now, but you’ll have to hurry, hurry. Travel is on Skyteam carriers and can take you from Philly or New York to Budapest for a little over $300. View from the Wing has the details. View from the Wing …

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India Considering Crackdown on In-Flight Selfies

a man and woman taking a selfie

Whenever I get the chance to explore a plane, the first thing I try to do is take a selfie in the cockpit. But due to concerns about the safety of having certain instruments and dials in the shot (plus potential sensitive documents), India is expected to release a set of …

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Aircraft Door Blows Off: The Air Traffic Control Audio

a close up of a door

I’ve been listening to ATC audio on YouTube and I just came across this really interesting exchange from last September. A pilot was climbing after take off when the door allegedly blew off the craft. The video doesn’t give many details, so I did some digging. From Business Insider: “Emergency! …

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