The Most Comprehensive & Functional Travel Backpack Ever

I was browsing through Kickstarter and came across a travel backpack with so many features, it’s almost overwhelming.

Normally, I don’t like products with this many features.  For example, Kickstarter had a moleskin notebook that also had a ruler, a built in USB drive, a section where you can display photos, and a on-the-go white board.

Too much!

But after trying to pack for three different climates in a carry-on today, I’m a little more sympathetic to comprehensive luggage.

Especially since these are features you’d actually want to have on this product.  (I’ve never found myself wishing I could plug my notebook into my computer).

The travel backpack

This travel backpack doesn’t have to be a travel backpack.  You can convert it to a duffel bag, if that’s how you prefer to carry it.


Either way, as long as you convert it back to a backpack before you get on the airplane, it can count as your personal item.  (You are usually allowed a piece of luggage and personal item–purse, briefcase, or backpack).

Now to the features

AA new cover image2

Just looking at that list is a bit overwhelming to me, but here are the things I like about it:

  • There are small easy-access pockets for your tablet, cellphone, books, water-bottle and boarding passes
  • The compartments are waterproof so spills won’t spread
  • Slips easily onto your roller bag
  • Pocket specifically for emptying your pocket pre-TSA
  • Not too many unnecessarily bells and whistles (like USB charging or being wifi enabled or anything)
  • Can vacuum pack into it (without a vacuum)

But there are things that make me not so keen on it:

  • The price point–$180 is a little higher than I’d place it at myself
  • The laundry bag system works well only if you have one stop on your vacation
  • Not all the items that fit in neatly come with the bag.  (The ones on the feature list do–but there are more)
  • How specific everything’s place is.  I think I’d feel the same way I feel when I’m trying to refold a map.  (Kids, this is like Google Maps, but if you printed out the entire map of where you are going and taped it together in pieces)

I think ultimately, I’d end up staring at this thing in the hotel room, overwhelmed with how to reassemble it.  But I can see how some people would love it.  The type of people who look anxious when they see the dump-everything-in organization system I have going in my purse.

And people do love the concept.  Currently, people are backing for over a million dollars when their original goal was $20,000.

More about Kickstarter

Please note, with Kickstarter, you are purchasing something before it is produced.  This particular product will ship in January.

Please be careful with what projects you back.  I focus on places that are currently running a business, or have had successful Kickstarters in the past.  (This particular company has had successful Kickstarters for notebooks–not the complicated ones I described above).  When an investment is risky, I make it knowing I could lose my money.  For example, I put some money into a food truck that never ended up being executed on.  This is against Kickstarter’s practices, but there’s nothing you can do if a place goes out of business.

I’m not in for this particular one, but I want to keep a close eye on this company.  I like the way they think about products, so I’m going to follow their future Kickstarter campaigns.

Please note, if enough people get this backpack through my links, I could earn enough credit to get one myself.  I highly highly highly doubt that, but wanted to disclose it just in case.

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