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Flights to Barcelona for Only $483 on United

United has flights to Barcelona from multiple cities starting at only $483. Valid for travel on the outbound until early December or January, 2017 – early May, 2017. A 7 day minimum stay is required. Availability is limited. Must purchase at least 28 days in advance of departure Read more: According …

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Fly to Bangkok, Thailand on United for Only ~$600

This is a great week for flight deals.  There’s been a bunch of European fares, but here’s one to Asia. You can fly from Washington, DC, to Bangkok, Thailand for about $600 on United Airlines. From the Flight Deal: Valid for travel on the outbound from January, 2017 – April, …

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How to Tell If an Air Marshal Is on Your Flight

In my entire flight history, there’s only been one time I was 100% sure an air marshall was on my flight.  Mostly because the air marshal identified himself during an altercation.  (It sounds more exciting than it actually was). However, there have been times when I strongly believed there was an …

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