These Hotel Guests Spent the Night with a Corpse Under Their Bed

When the type of bed a hotel uses blocks access to under the bed, I’m usually just relieved I can’t lose my shoes there.

But now I have something new to worry about.

Hotel guests staying at a Mexico City, Mexico, hotel unknowingly spent the night with a corpse.  A previous guest was (assumed to be) murdered in the hotel room and stowed under the bed.

hotel bed


The guests never noticed the corpse but the cleaning crew coming in did.

From Travel Pulse:

“During the time that we believe the woman was under the bed, several people checked into the room and slept with the body underneath the bed,” a hotel spokesman confirmed to the Mirror.

Staff at the three-star hotel in Mexico City’s Doctores neighbohood also confirmed that the deceased woman had checked into the hotel with a man. However there’s no footage of either of them. The Mirror reports that the identity of both remain unknown.

I guess if you are going to spend the night with a corpse, it’s probably better to never know that you did.

Meanwhile, in New York, patrons ignored a corpse while waiting in line for its famous cronuts.

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  1. really?!? Why would the staff do that?

  2. Which is why I always look under the bed….

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