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Fly to Iceland for Only $99 or Fly to Europe for Only $199

Here’s a fantastic deal.  You can fly to/from Iceland for $99 or to/from Europe for only $199.  This deal is from multiple cities in the United States.  They include multiple cities, such as Paris, London, and Amsterdam, but as the blog post notes, these are limited. Please note that these …

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Come to the Next DC Travel Meetup on December 12th!

Meet up with two of Boarding Area’s bloggers–Le Chic Geek aka Jeanne, and Pizza in Motion aka Ed. We’ll be hanging out at a bar in Clarendon with a happy hour until 8pm. Come to ask for travel advice.  Come to meet other travelers.  Or just come to check out …

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These Pills Will Make You Poop Glitter

A conversation I was having about the latest thing Moxie has (literally) gotten into reminded me of this interesting product. For the low cost of $10, you too can have poop that sparkles. (Read also: How glitter can be mistaken for bomb residue at airport security). Although the product insists …

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