Free Rides to the Polls, Where to Find Your Location, and Get Free Food Delivery

This morning, I woke up to multiple different companies offering free rides to the polls, plus a few other extras.  You can get a free ride to the polls, locate your polling location easily, and get free delivery afterwards.

Free Rides


New to Via?
Enter code POSTMATESDC in the Via app*

Already love Via?
Enter code VOTEMATESDC and ride for just $1.45!*

My recommendation is to try both promo code, you may be able to use both to go there and back but I can’t test this out, so YMMV.

Terms and conditions here.


Zipcar is offering a free rental to your polling location.

Please note, only “select Zipcars are free. Sort by price when you search & check out for details.”


According to the Consumerist, Lyft is offering 45% off rides to the polls.  They recommend checking our your email box.

I did not see anything on their brand Twitter account about it.


From Uber’s blog post:

As part of our ongoing campaign to encourage users to vote, Uber is teaming up with Google to launch a special in-app feature on November 8th that will help you locate your polling location and then seamlessly request a ride with just a push of a button.

The link on the tweet suggests there may be a discount, but I can’t find any confirmation.  That may be referring to the first time sign-up credit you might get.

uber app

Consumerist also notes that the company Maven is offering $5 off rides.

Find Your Polling Location

You can use Uber to get there above, but to find your polling spot, check out Where’s My F’ing Polling Place?  (Profanity not censored on actual website).

It gets the F’in job done.

Free Delivery

Postmates is offering free delivery to anyone who votes (though it may be only for current subscribers through a unique link).

So this link will work for either everyone or the first person who clicks.   If you are a current subscriber and it didn’t work, check your email.

If you aren’t a current subscriber, you can use my promo code 676L  (which I’ll also get credit for) for free delivery if you feel left out.  But definitely see if that link above will work for you first.

Also, Krispy Kreme is giving away free donuts today.  I think we all need one.

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