Passengers Record a 5-foot Snake on Plane; Airline Reports Only Finding Small Snake

Two days ago, I wrote on a snake passengers spotted falling out of the overhead compartment.  I pointed out that the snake definitely looked bigger than your normal garter snake.

I wrote:

In what appears to be a take on the famous Samuel L. Jackson film (and also channeling Indiana Jones), the snake tried to make a break for it before being contained.

While the snake wasn’t python size, it’s certainly much larger than any of the garter snakes I’ve seen in real life.

Some reports suggested the snake might be venomous.

But there’s a twist in this story.

snake on a plane

Someone noticed something very curious.  The video the passengers took of the snake does not match up with the photo the airline posted of the snake.

Check out his side-by-side analysis here, and what he thinks actually happened.

After watching the video, let me know what you think–how do you explain the discrepancy between the two snakes?


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  1. it was a small snake but was it venomous?

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