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Awesome Interactive Map of Blogger’s Destinations

I was just perusing Jeffsetter’s blog and came across a new interactive map of his destinations.  I thought this was pretty awesome for multiple reasons.  You can mouse over a destination you are interested in and see how many posts are there.  You can also drill down by region.  If …

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My New Summer Travel Shoes

I was searching through Macy’s for a new pair of heels and accidentally came across these great travel shoes. These Style & Co shoes were a steal at $35.  They are incredibly light-weight, and are a semi-wedge.  The real seller to me was how comfortable the soles of these shoes …

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Flight Tracking App Released into Beta

A new flight tracking app, Flying, has released into Beta. I’ve been watching this app closely because it has promised to visualize your previous flight paths.  And using this visualization, you can literally print your flight paths. loci – 3D Printed Sculptures From Your Flights from Andrew Spitz on Vimeo. …

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Foursquare Checkin has Another Use

Foursquare Checkin is great for recording where you’ve been, finding new places, and connecting with other people while out.  But tonight, as the fire alarm bells rang at 1:30am, I found a new use of the Foursquare checkin app. It was pretty obvious someone’s incense had burned over, so I …

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