My New Summer Travel Shoes

Lightweight Summer Travel ShoesI was searching through Macy’s for a new pair of heels and accidentally came across these great travel shoes.

These Style & Co shoes were a steal at $35.  They are incredibly light-weight, and are a semi-wedge. 

The real seller to me was how comfortable the soles of these shoes are.  They feel like Naturalizer/Comfort Shoes without looking like “comfort shoes”.  I especially like the sparkle in the heel part of the wedge.

I walked about two miles in them yesterday and they remained pretty comfortable.  I could see the thong between the toes irritating me after extensive use over multiple days, but that’s pretty common with thing shoes.

I’m still looking for really high-heeled slide on wooden shoes in case anyone has any they like.  I had gotten a pair I loved years ago and snapped the sole off recently.

Macy’s currently has a 15% off sale going on shoes that ends on Sunday, but please note those sales do not apply to “Everyday Values,” which this shoe is.

*If you use the second Macy’s link (the 15% off sale) I will receive affiliate credit for whatever you purchase on the website. However, the direct link to the product does not offer me affiliate credit, so you can view the product without needing to go through my affiliate program. If you decide to, I appreciate you contributing towards my future travels!


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