Awesome Interactive Map of Blogger’s Destinations

I was just perusing Jeffsetter’s blog and came across a new interactive map of his destinations. 

Jeffsetter's Interactive Map

I thought this was pretty awesome for multiple reasons.  You can mouse over a destination you are interested in and see how many posts are there.  You can also drill down by region.  If I click on Australia,  get Australia broken up into sections.

The density map of posts is also really cool too.  I can tell there’s a wealth of knowledge about Australia just from looking at the map.

But probably the coolest part?  When I asked Jeffsetter how he assembled this map, he let me know he built it all himself.  That’s pretty darn cool.

He warned that only about 10% of way though mapping destinations onto the map, so it should fill up in the next few days.  I just wanted to share it because I think it is cool when a blogger builds things into their blogs in addition to writing.


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  1. Thanks for Sharing the map Jeanne! I am excited to see it shape up and really appreciate you bringing attention to it!

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