Ballpark Food Delivered to Your Seat

Ballpark food delivered right to your seat?  The future is here.

While some hotel chains are moving away from full service, some baseball parks are embracing it.  While watching a National’s game yesterday, I noticed a sign on my seat advertising mobile ordering with Dasdak.

I just had to try it.


I quickly skipped past the “Healthy Options” and checked out the food and drink sections.

Ballpark food delivery can get you a vodka soda at your seat

Not only could I order a vodka soda, I could choose from a selection of premium vodkas.

Ballpark Food can be delivered in an instance

I also noticed you could only get sandwich type food.  They didn’t have anything that needed to be deep-fried available, which makes sense.

It took me at least a good ten minutes to do the whole process–mostly because it kept timing out while processing my credit card.  The Nationals were actually doing well, so the DC-crowd was (of course) on their cell phones tweeting and facebooking the updates.

The actual delivery?  It took less than five minutes.  It was so quick I wasn’t sure whether or not they delivered the wrong person’s food.

Ballpark food--get a vodka soda delivered

My vodka soda came in a sippy cup.

Ballpark food delivered to your seat--including a sausage with peppers and onions

My sausage and papers sub was a little soggy, but no more soggy than it gets after I buy it from a vendor and find my seat.  Typical ballpark food.

I’ve had waitress service in a special section at a Mets game where you can order your ballpark food, so I’ve had experience with that already, but what’s cool about this service is you can be seated anywhere in the ballpark.  Also, the delivery time is much faster.

I love this on a personal level too.  I’m sure some of you are thinking “who drinks a vodka soda at a ballgame?!”  Well, me.

I’m allergic to beer (hops, specifically), and I’ve been jealous of my ballpark companions when they can just yell out “Beer here!” and get a drink.  I’ve been stuck on the end of half-hour long lines just trying to get myself a drink.  Now, I can use my mobile to summon a vodka-soda faster than it takes to get the beer-guy’s attention.

Which makes for a happy Jeanne.

I hope they roll this method of ordering ballpark food into more markets, because I’m loving its convenience and I love checking out baseball games when I travel.  You can currently get it at all the outdoor DC stadiums (including soccer, DC United).


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  1. Sounds great. How soon will they be rolling it out at my office?

  2. Oh I am so jealous! I want to go! That might push up Nationals Stadium in the best ballpark ranking list (still distant behind AT&T Park, but definitely, definitely ahead of Colosseum).


    • Jeanne Marie Hoffman

      I really do think Nationals Stadium is one of the best ballparks for the general consumer. This pushed it up to the top, but other considerations: You can go to Ben’s Chili Bowl and Shake Shack within minutes of each other, where as tourist usually have to chase these down in random parts of town. (And in Ben’s case, some are too worried about the area to go out to U Street).

      When the Nationals were doing terribly, bleacher seats dropped down to $5. People started buying tickets to the games for the access to the restaurants and bars on field. In fact, sometimes I’d go to the Nationals game (knowing they’d probably lose), sit at the bar and watch football games–occasionally looking back at the live game going on. It was a cool experience.

  3. This is so awesome! I want to try this out next time I’m in DC and at a Nationals game.

  4. Did you have to sign for it or show them anything? Just wondering how do they make sure you get your order.

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