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Zero Hour!: The History of the Movie Airplane!

My husband recently hosted a Zero Hour! viewing party.  Many people know the lines from Airplane!, but most don’t know the lines were literally lifted from another movie–a serious movie! I recommend running a double-feature viewing party of Zero Hour! and Airplane!–but don’t show them in chronological order.  While Zero Hour! …

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TopGuest No Longer Earning Points for MLife

I just received an email that as of yesterday, TopGuest will no longer earn points for MLife: Talk about lots of notice 😉 I previously mentioned how you can earn tons of points through TopGuest by going from casino to casino.  Not so much anymore. C’est la vie!  

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Deciding Whether Deals are Worth Going For

Every Deal Has an Opportunity Cost When pursuing deals, it’s important to remember there’s an opportunity cost to every deal.  What could you be doing instead of going after that deal?  Or more importantly, what deal are you giving up by going after another one? This is especially true with …

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Classic Airline Advertisements

View from the Wing offers a great look through different TV commercials for Airlines.  I love checking out old airline advertisements, and the Air & Space Museum DC location has an exhibit with old ads, old flight attendant uniforms, and classic cabin layouts that is just awesome. TWA ad (Source: …

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Baseball Teams and Frequent Flier Miles

I started reading an article on ESPN about the amount of travel sports teams have to do and how there’s disparity between East and West Coast teams. From Jim Caple: “[T]he Dodgers just completed their fourth trip to the East Coast to play against NL East opponents. (It was their …

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A Bit More About the FitBit

I’ve been getting lots of questions about how I like the FitBit on Twitter.  I’ve only had it for a week, but I do have some initial thoughts. The FitBit has been really easy to carry around, and I tend to forget I have it on me.  (With some exceptions).  …

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