TopGuest No Longer Earning Points for MLife

I just received an email that as of yesterday, TopGuest will no longer earn points for MLife:

TopGuest MLife

Using Mllife and Top Guests together can result in some nice casino perks and points towards status.Talk about lots of notice 😉

I previously mentioned how you can earn tons of points through TopGuest by going from casino to casino.  Not so much anymore.

C’est la vie!


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  1. Yeah Topguest blows. I earned a bunch of mlife points with them last year and they randomly took them away. No answer as to why, no return emails when I asked, etc,

    • Jeanne Marie Hoffman

      Yeah, I heard of that happening too. The thing is, it’s so easy to go from hotel to hotel and actually BE in one, so check ins are easy to get. But I think since people were racking up so much, they cried foul play when it was really their rules made it easy to earn.

  2. We invite all former and displaced mLife topguest members to come join our Las Vegas Social Loyalty program where you may earn points for your social engagements via Facebook, Twitter and Youtube!

  3. Top Guest rarely credited check-ins correctly, and I had to email support all the time! Great idea poorly executed! Lost a bunch of points with them!

    Would not be surprised at all if they fold in the next few months.

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