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The Secrets to Cheaper Disney Dining

a castle with fireworks in the sky

I always figured that Disney was one of those places you’d never get a discount at.  But I was wrong.  It turns out there are a few ways to eat more cheaply in the parks (or in Downtown), and some of these methods are potentially combinable too. 1. Tables of …

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Want Disney Staff to Know Your Child’s Name Magically?

Disney has come out with RFID bands that would enable the Disney staff to know your child’s name as they wander around the park. From Time’s article on their wristbands : The MyMagic+ system is designed to track users’ purchasing habits, and if parents agree to certain settings, employees playing characters in …

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Downtown Disney at Night

My sister was staying in Orlando, so I did a quick jump down over a weekend to meet her there.  While I’ve gone to Downtown Disney before during the day to shop, I never really spent time there at night.  And wow is it fun! We started out out the …

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Sipping Your Way Through Epcot

One of the most fun things for me in Epcot is trying the food and beverages in the different countries.  Keri and I went wine tasting through the different countries, and my sister and I decided to take a different tack.  We attempted to go through each country drinking what …

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