Sipping Your Way Through Epcot

One of the most fun things for me in Epcot is trying the food and beverages in the different countries.  Keri and I went wine tasting through the different countries, and my sister and I decided to take a different tack.  We attempted to go through each country drinking what we thought was the most iconic-to-their-country.


Our first stop was France.  I went here right after I came back from Paris, so it was pretty amusing to be in fake Paris.  We had some Moet & Chandon Rose champagne.


The plastic flutes were similar to the ones we used for our ChampagneDO.  A word of warning though!  Since the glasses are so light and the tables are semi-unstable, we almost lost our drinks when someone bumped the table.



Next stop was Japan where we had some cold sake and strolled the gardens.  It definitely wasn’t the best sake I ever had, but we also chose the cheapest.

At this point, we started making sure we paired all our drinks with food from the different areas.  The chocolate squares w also snagged in France wasn’t quite going to cut it.

We headed over to Italy next.

a couple of women taking a selfie


I name Italy the most delicious of all the places.  Why?

a close-up of a drink

Limoncello over shaved ice.  Be still my heart.

We split a small pizza with it.  The Carciofi Pizza – a white pizza with artichoke, fontina, mozzarella, truffle oil.  This was the individual size and was more than enough for two.  It was so yummy that I’m drooling looking at the picture again.  Anyone want to go to Epcot?


This was in Via Napoli, and the waiters in here were extremely friendly.  It was surprisingly affordable.

I declined to imbibe in the USA—I’m allergic to beer.  But they were serving up Yuengling.

a close-up of a beer bottle

America’s oldest brewery!


We got plum wine and egg rolls in China.

And finished things off with a round of Aquivat in Norway.



Phew!  Remember to watch your intake levels while in Epcot, especially before going on rides.  We tasted our way around the countries throughout the day.

But having a few may result photos like this:




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  1. The absolute best drinks in the park are at the World of Coke! I can’t remember the actual name of the place, but I know exactly where it’s located, because there is nothing better on a hot summer day than free soda! 🙂

  2. I need to go to EPCOT with you guys next time. =)

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