“Behind the Seeds” of Epcot’s Sustainability Exhibit

One thing I love about Epcot is that there is more to it than just the rides and exhibits.  One thing Epcot does is host a greenhouse aimed at finding more sustainable ways of growing food.  When I was here with Keri, I noticed some people walking around while we were on the The Living with the Land ride.  When I came here with my sister, I took my own tour behind the scenes, er—seeds.

A lot of the plants are cared for through hydroponics.


Here are different herbs at various stages of growth.  Instead of growing a few stalks, they are almost able to grow them as bushes.


The roots for many of the plants are exposed and receive water directly rather than pull water from soil.




Here are zucchinis growing up, sort of like a tree.  They are able to make use of vertical space in addition to horizontal space, and are able to increase the yield per plant.


They sprout the seeds on thin pieces of nutritious fabric.


For some plants, they were sprouted on thin nutritious paper.


Here they wrap the tomato plant around and around itself, allowing the vines to grow far longer than they would when existing as a standalone plant.



They grow the pumpkins suspended above the ground, allowing them to grow huge.  Note the net though! The stems definitely cannot support this giant weight.


They are looking at sustainable ways of growing cacao—a cause I can really get behind!


And holy cow—nine pound lemons.  Seriously.  NINE.  You could make a whole pitcher of lemonade with just one!  But good luck finding a juicer it’ll fit into.  The one I use for cocktails will definitely not suffice.


And I really want to try some edible flowers.

The food grown here is served in their restaurant, which I didn’t get a chance to check out.  But I want to someday!

The Behind the Seeds tour runs $20 a person, and you must reserve a tour time ahead of time.  The booth for it is right where you can get your fast-pass for Soaring, so you can grab both those at the same time.


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