Getting a Steak in Omaha, Nebraska—J’s on Jackson

Keri and I were determined to get a great steak while in Omaha.  So we were delighted to run into someone at Frequent Traveler University with detailed knowledge of the Omaha area.

For everyone else who got that great fare to Omaha (or is just headed there anyway!), here’s a list of her recommendations:

801 Chophouse ($$$)

Mahogany ($$$)

Brother Sebastian’s ($$)

As we were in-route to Omaha, we noticed a huge calculation error on our part—Most steakhouses were closed for lunch on Saturdays.  Actually, for a while we were convinced it was all, as we desperately searched around for a backup.

Luckily, you can search Yelp reviews for specific phrases, and after trying a few variations, got it to pull up review for Saturday Lunch.  And J’s on Jackson popped up.

The interior of J’s was a bit more modern than I’m used to for a steakhouse, but I really liked it.  Lots of natural light poured in through the windows.  The wall also showed off their wine selection, which included a lot of wines we were familiar with.


The bar was set apart from the restaurant and had a more casual vibe to in.  Later on, some people stopped in to eat and watch some college football which was an interesting contrast to the formal dining area.


The wines were priced really well.  There wasn’t much markup, and by the bottle was much more cost-effective than by the glass.

We opted for a bottle of Mondavi Zin—$7 per glass, but $20 for the bottle.  If we each had a glass and a half, we’d already be ahead of the game.


The steaks on the lunch menu are a much smaller selection than the dinner menu, but they had the steaks that Keri and I wanted!


I opted for the Filet Tenderloin which came with foreign green items on the side of my steak and fingerling potatoes:


(Actually, the vegetables were really, really good)

Keri opted for the Omaha Strip which is basically a New York Strip but in Omaha:


The steaks were really, really tender.  There was a moment of silence as we each sliced up and devoured our steaks.

When dessert time came around, how could we resist?

Keri had the Apple Crumble


And I had the Crème Brulee:


Sufficiently stuffed, we headed off  to the zoo.

If you stop in Omaha, especially if it is  on a Saturday, we totally recommend J’s for your steak needs.


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  1. Mmmm! That looks good… the steak, too!

  2. Thank you for the feed back. I was thinking of going there for my birthday. At least now I know what to expect.

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