What It’s Like to Be Hospitalized in Dubai, How to Get Cheaper Disney Tickets, and an Actual Wine Spa

I haven’t ever had to be hospitalized in another country, though I had troubling experiences while in the air.

But what happens if you are hospitalized in another country–or even worse, hospitalized while in transit to your final destination?

Muslim Travel Girl tells her story of being hospitalized in Dubai on her way to Malaysia. 


I rarely see Disney ticket discounts, but Pizza in Motion has a way to get 20% off your admission (plus pretty much anything else there).

It involves having an American Express card, but it doesn’t matter what kind.  Check out the post to find out how.

disney world magic kingdom

And… you can apparently soak in some Merlot at a spa.

While I love to soak in some Merlot after a long day, I don’t literally want to soak in it.  To each their own, I suppose.

Now a chocolate spa… that sounds great.

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  1. Just wondering, what kind of travel insurance did you have

  2. Thank you, Jeanne, for the share. It was definitely an interesting experience.

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