Free Credit to OpenSky and My New Wine Accessory

Here’s a link to get you free credit to OpenSky today!

I joined this shopping website called OpenSky.  The concept is basically Pinterest-like in that you are “following” different celebrities who have a feed of items they suggest you should purchase.  I (strongly) doubt the celebrities are choosing the items to highlight, but whatever team is doing it has a decent grasp on what certain audiences would like.  (For example, “Ming Tsai” featured Boyajian oils, which make sense given Ming Tsai’s focus on building sauces.  Which reminds me, I need to take a trip to his Blue Ginger sometime soon!)

Occasionally, OpenSky will give out random amounts of credit for spend on the site.  Today, I received a nice Happy Mother’s Day credit, so I surfed the site.  (By the way, I believe if you join today, you will not get the Mother’s Day credit based on what their PR rep told me.  Whoever runs the twitter feed later contradicted her, so YMMV, but I lean towards believing you will not get the credit).  Update:  An Open Sky Staff Member gave me this link to get you a free credit to the website!

I soon came across something I’ve been wanting for a while:

a plate with cheese and a knife

A slate cheese board.  Given I just bought way too much wine in Sonoma, (psych, no such thing!) I’ll be entertaining some people with my new collection.  What’s great about a slate cheese board is that you can write the names of the cheeses onto it and not have to worry about hovering around the table to let the guests know which is which.  Since I’ve wanted this anyway and had a credit, it was a no-brainer.  OpenSky has a $40 minimum spend (including tax and shipping, at least) for all credit redemptions, so I was a little shy of that and tossed in a relatively cheap picture frame.

In case you come across some credit when you sign up, or just have a shopping itch, here are some items I thought would also be nice for travel affictionatos:

a bag with makeup products

I’ve been very tempted by this one.  A travel bag that lays flat.  After you are done using your makeup, you just pull the drawstring and — presto!  It is a now a bag holding your cosmetics.  I’m not the most, er… organized person in the world.  And most items tend to swim free in my bag.  (Which is why it takes me about five minutes to find my keys).  The only thing holding me back is its $28 price tag seems a bit hefty.  But if anyone has any experience with it and finds it useful, just let me know and I might go for it!

a black bag with a handle

A tote bag that holds a camera + accessories and a laptop ($149).  What I like about this bag is that it doesn’t look like a laptop/camera bag.  I get a little too nervous when I’m traveling certain places to travel with an obvious laptop bag, so I tend to try to hide all my items in one purse.  My old camera has gotten beaten up and, after badly hurting my shoulder from all that weight, I stopped carrying my very heavy laptop around.  I would have jumped on this, except I am currently planning on getting a new camera and a new laptop given both those reasons I just stated, and I would be pulling a Gift of the Magi on myself if it made me a bit too short to make those purchases.

My one “Seriously?  Does this work?” is:

a pair of black high heeled shoes next to a small gift box

These Soul Mates will apparently extend the life of your shoes.  They don’t look that obvious-looking to me, but I haven’t seen them in person.  Has anyone used them or seen someone using them?  I spend a lot of time in heels, and since I insist on doing much of my walking in them, I constantly have a bag of shoes-to-take-to-the-cobbler.  I have a pair of red Calvin Klein slides that I recently tortured to pieces by walking a few miles in it.  I hope they accept this public apology, and I will see them soon when they are “better”.

If you join using the link I provide, I will get a referral credit.  But feel free to join without it.  My main motivation in writing this was to share the random credits the site gives out, and I was hoping I’d be able to tell you about today’s credit (but alas, it does not apply to new accounts).  But I do get credit offers often in my email and have unfortunately missed random great last-minute-credit deals while I was off on a plane somewhere.

 Update:  I was given a link that gives YOU credit instead of me :)  Click to get it! Thanks OpenSky!

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