Sale on Good Travel Shoes

Payless has a great sale going on this weekend that isn’t accurately represented on their website.

First of all, use the coupon code 72366 for 20% off the site (courtesy of Coupon Cravings, thanks!)  Pair this with their option to do Free-Ship-To-Store.  There is a printable coupon here if you want to go into the store, but the selection online is better.

I threw these shoes into my bag and went to check out:

a close-up of a woman's shoes

They are slides, so they remove easily through security.  They are also wedges, which give great heel support.  And finally, the soles are very well padded to keep you going through the day.  (See my old post on what sort of shoes aren’t good for travel).

They were listed at $16.99 (an “every day value”), but once I threw them in my cart, the price changed to $12.99.  I tried this with a few different sizes to make sure it wasn’t just my shoe size, but sure enough–it is an unadvertised special.

With the 20% off, this makes these shoes $9.60 all-in-save-for-taxes.

I was charged $0.48 for taxes, but your results will vary depending on the taxation laws of your state 😛

This worked for all three colors of the Veronica Slide.

Don’t forget to to use the Ultimate Rewards Mall for 5 points per dollar.  (This was only 45 points, but hey, every point counts!).  American is 4 points for dollar if you don’t have UR.

I haven’t found any other items that have been less than the displayed price when added to the shopping cart.  I’ll poke around a bit more and edit this if I do.  (And if you find anything, post it in the comments and I’ll add it as well).

Also, this shoe goes up to a size 12.  As the shortest person in the family at 5’5 (and by a lot, save for my mom), I’ve learned how important it is to know when a shoe is available in larger sizes.  🙂


Here’s more:

The Miranda Cork Wedge, listed at $19.99 goes into the bag at $15 for a total of $12 ship-to-store.

a close-up of a white sandal

I normally would be wary of the faux leather on those shoes right by the toes, but people in the comments specifically said that it doesn’t rub.


These aren’t heels, but these sneakers are a great deal too.  Listed, $14.99, go into the shopping bag at $10, for a grand total of $8.  The price appears to only work for pink and lavender.  The shoes have great reviews too.  Reviewers have traveled with them and remarked that the soles were comfy.

a close-up of a pink shoe



The only pair of mens’ shoes I found had such terrible reviews, there was no way I could put it on here.

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