Why LUSH Products Make Traveling Easier

LUSH is a company that sells body products that is focused on being green.  So much so, they try to put as many of their products in “naked” packaging.

That is, they want as many of their products to not need a container at all.

In furtherance of this, they’ve developed solid versions of products that are typically liquid.

Their shampoo is in bar form:

lush solid shampoo

As is their body lotion (and this is my absolute favorite product):

king of all skin

Beyond the bars, they also have powder versions of liquid products.

Ignore the risque name, but their Silky Panties are basically grated cocoa butter that liquefies when it’s on your skin.

silky panties

The side benefit to their efforts at being green is that it also created very TSA-security check point friendly products.  It allows you to take a lot more bath products in your carry-on luggage without running afoul of liquid size requirements.

Heck, they even have bubble bath in solid form.  You know, just in case.

I just got back from a trip and I had a bunch of these products tossed into my suitcase.  And the other benefit is–no worries about the products bursting and getting all over my clothing.  Double-win!

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