Being a Frequent Traveler Doesn’t Mean Having to Have Dead Plants

When we moved to our current house, a bunch of friends brought houseplants as housewarming gifts.  Including a plant that’s “impossible to kill.”

Yup, I killed it.

I had a bunch of travel immediately after that and despite my efforts to water in between, the plants eventually drooped over and never un-drooped.


But there’s a Kickstarter for a new piece of tech that will allow you to water your plants from your SmartPhone.

planty image


In addition to at home versions, they are working on versions for larger, sustainable food producing companies.

The more “mass” version of the watering reminds me a bit of the experience at Epcot:



This product is really interesting and I definitely want one, but I’ll probably just throw a few dollars into the Kickstarter to keep an eye on it for now.

The huge thing for me right now is the design.  It’s a bit too early 2000’s Apple-looking and does not fit into the design aesthetic I like at all.

If they create something darker and sleeker looking, I’m totally in.

I love having plants in the house.  I just keep killing them.

What I’ve resorted to lately is buying myself fresh cut flowers* pretty often, which is much more expensive than these devices over time.

*I know I’ve talked about my flower allergy on here before.  I’m not allergic to cala lillies, but most other things, which makes this even more expensive!

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  1. It looks like that would nestle nicely into a larger planter, although you might have to drill a hole if there is a plug. But that’s a solid workaround for the aesthetic part!

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