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Guys,  I’m In Love with New Zealand

a building with a beach and trees

I’ll have more of a trip report later,  but I’m currently sitting in an open air pub by the ocean.   And I’m currently having all the feels.  It’s so beautiful here and the climate is the perfect weather for me.  (as someone from the Northeast and former figure skater, …

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How to Make the Wine in Coach Taste Better

food on a tray in an airplane

The wine in coach isn’t always that great.  While some airlines offer higher-end half bottle options, the wine sometimes needs time to breathe–more time than you have on the flight. Apparently, you can improve the taste of the wine by hyper-decanting it.  So what fancy tools are needed to hyper-decant? …

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How Kind of this Winery to Think of Me

a hand holding a bottle of wine

I subscribe to a service called Tasting Room done by Lot18. Lot18 is a website that peddles wines.  I got into it because sometimes I was able to snag bottles of wine for ~$0.98. I ended up subscribing to Tasting Room, which is a service that sends you a case …

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Sale on High Heel Wine Glasses with Free Shipping!

This was quite possibly the fastest purchase I ever made. Rue La La has High Heel wine glasses today with free shipping.  (Usually you pay $9.95 for one month of free shipping). Usually heel-themed glasses seem tacky to me, but these are both fun and classy.  (Well, as classy as …

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How to Find that Wine You Loved Again

My favorite wine finder My previous career (and lifelong calling) was bartending.  We rotated our wines at one of the bars and I’d occasionally have customers stop back in again to get a wine they loved again. Their faces would fall when I’d tell them about our rotating wine menus.  I …

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