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Staying Fully Stocked on Razors for Cheap

As I snagged a bag of my usual pastel pink, purple and “mint” razors a few months ago, it suddenly occurred to me that I was paying a few more dollars per bag for my razors to be girly looking. So I started buying men’s razors. That didn’t solve another problem of …

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In-Flight Tips and Tricks

While taking the long-trip to Hawaii from DC, I was showing my new husband some of my tips-and-tricks in flight.  He suggested I post on them, so here goes! Use your entree to warm your butter.  The bread usually comes out warm, but the better is usually ice cold.  Instead …

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Travel Items for Leftys

Out of new-found respect for people who  do everything southpaw, here are some travel items to make your travel a little easier: Left handed travel corkscrewhttp://www.anythinglefthanded.co.uk/acatalog/travel-corkscrew-left-handed.htmlTravel corkscrew in stainless steel with anti-clockwise thread – turn in the natural left-handed motion. The two parts fit together in their gift box for …

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