In-Flight Tips and Tricks

While taking the long-trip to Hawaii from DC, I was showing my new husband some of my tips-and-tricks in flight.  He suggested I post on them, so here goes!

Use your entree to warm your butter.  The bread usually comes out warm, but the better is usually ice cold.  Instead of making the butter compete with the bread, stick it under your entree and count five seconds (real seconds).  It’ll be nice and soft.  Don’t keep it under any longer or else it’ll be totally liquid.

Use the hot towel to wipe the back of your neck.  The back of your neck helps control the temperature of your body and can help reduce Airport_Travel_and_Related_019flushing.  If you don’t anticipate getting a hot towel, carry around some wipes to help when you start feeling icky.  I like Garnier Skincare’s Refreshing Cleansing Towelette.  They are intended to remove makeup, but are amazingly cooling.

Anytime they offer water, take it.  If you travel a lot (like Keri and I do!), you may notice your skin drying out faster than it ever has.  I’m also embarrassed to admit a few post-flight nosebleeds.  This is because flying totally dehydrates you (unless you are on the dreamliner!) leading to chapped lips, dry skin, and, well, over taxed nasal passages.  I’ve also heard (but haven’t found a reliable source) that staying hydrated can help prevent blood clots in flight.

Stop a strained muscle before it gets bad.  Ever fall asleep on the plane and wake up with that muscle between your neck and shoulder just killing you?  That happens to me all the time, and it seems to get worse and worse as my trip goes on.  On the recommendation of my massage therapist, I picked up a “knobbler,” a device to apply pressure to your trigger points.  This won’t be relaxing, and will probably hurt a bit, but it definitely releases the crick in my shoulder every time.

What are your in-flight tips?

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  1. I’ve liquefied my butter before. =)

  2. I use NeilMed NasoGel Spray to prevent nose bleeds before flights. It really helps!!

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