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Win $200 Towards a Hotel Stay

Here’s a giveaway with great odds to win.  $200 off your next hotel stay is not bad at all!  And all it takes is a comment. Kendra of Points & Pixie Dust is giving away a $200 voucher to Hotel Engine. Basically, Kendra reviewed Hotel Engine and received some questions …

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Is It a Hotel’s Job to Keep Your Secrets?

Cracked released an article on 5 Things You Learn About Rich People by Working at a Nice Hotel a few weeks ago. These “secrets of hotels” type articles bother me a bit because I assume celebrities and rich people go to nice hotels to have a certain degree of privacy from the staff. …

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Robot Butlers Coming Soon to Aloft

Just when I thought travel couldn’t get any better, the Aloft is bringing in Artificial (not quite) Intelligence. From Fox News: Meet A.L.O., Aloft Hotels’ first Botlr, short for robotic butler. A.L.O. will be rolling down the hallways of Aloft’s Cupertino, California location later this month helping guests with everything from finding …

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Rat Out Your Neighbors for Using Airbnb for Money?

There’s a bill in San Francisco that “would financially reward residents who narc on their neighbors who illegally rent out their property.” According to arstechnia, this bill would give narc-ing neighbors 30% of the fine levied against their neighbors. Airbnb, a website where you can rent out your home for …

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