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How to Help Your Browser Easily Connect to Hotel Wifi

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Sometimes when you connect to hotel wifi, things just don’t click.  For some reason, the login screen won’t come up, and every website gives you a strange warning when you navigate there. There’s one trick my friend in IT told me years ago that can help you get connected to the …

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Tired of Tropical Fish? Snorkel for Booze!

I won’t admit what search terms I used that brought this up, but I found a resort that has an interesting experience. They hide bottles of Cruzan Rum in the water so that while you are snorkeling, you have a chance of discovering a bottle of rum. I think I …

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Hotel Tonight App Came Through for Me!

I had a late night flight from LA to San Francisco, but I was trying to get there earlier to have some time in the city.  I confessed to Points & Pixie Dust that I didn’t have a fully-formed hotel plan that night and was going to wing it based …

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