Win $250 in Free Hotel Stays (plus a freebie for everyone who enters)

There’s a new service that’s launching which offers higher-end hotels at wholesale rates.  As part of its officially launch, I’m giving away two things–everyone can get a free membership to the website for 1 year and one lucky person will receive $250 in free hotel credit via the website.

(tl/dr: 1. Register here for a free membership to a discount website and 2. leave a comment with your dream destination to be eligible to win the $250 prize)


Club1Hotels is giving away a free year membership to readers of this blog.  Moving forward, this membership will be $675 a year (though it will come with some sort of airport club access then).

No credit card is needed in order to sign up for the membership.

What you can get with this free access:

  • No Blackout Dates.

  • Last Room Availability (in most cases).

  • Reservation Flexibility

  • Wholesale international airfare for first class, business class and economy up to 50% off published fares.

  • Wholesale prices from tours and attractions to theaters and thousands of activities including golf around the world!

  • Preferred rates at the top global Car Rental companies.

  • Members-only rates at beautiful Vacation Rental Homes, located in the most desired vacation destinations.

  • Discounts at Restaurants and Spa’s located in global gateway cities airports.

  • Personalized Concierge Services

According to the website:

We are building the most exclusive luxury travel club in the world and we need your help to make it perfect! Members get exclusive access to wholesale rates at 3.5, 4 and 5 star hotels and resorts in 162 countries.

How to Win $250!

Now the fun part.  How to win $250 towards your hotel stay.

It’s easy.

  1. Sign-up for a membership with Hotel1Club through this link.
  2. Leave a comment letting me know where you’d love to travel to next.

You must do both of these to be eligible.  (I’ll be cross-checking the winner with the membership list–so try to use the same email address if possible!)

You have until 11:59pm Eastern Time on October 30th to enter to win this prize.  One entry per person, please.

The website itself

This service is what Ed of Pizza in Motion has called the Costco of hotel websites.

You can get wholesale pricing for hotel rooms.

This means something really great and something not so great:

  1. Your room will be cheaper.
  2. You won’t earn elite status or points through your stay.

Some hotels will let you use your elite benefits while staying at wholesale pricing (Hyatt, for example, is good about this).  But you won’t earn anything.

I probably will stick to booking through Hyatt for cities where that property is avaliable.  However, I wish I had been a member of this site back when I went to New Zealand.  The rates I’m getting are much, much lower than what I saw then (and what I’m seeing now, pulling things up).

So this is the type of product I would use situationally if you are going for elite status.  If you don’t care about elite status, then you probably want to use this website (but shop around for deals).

But don’t forget, to earn the $250 prize, you must:

1. Register here for a free 1-year membership to Club1Hotels

2. leave a comment with your dream destination


Please note, the website is in beta, which is why things don’t quite look perfect on it.

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  1. My dream destination is Chile!

  2. Cancun for me please : )

  3. Russia has been next on my list for a while, however, since that’s probably not a good idea right now, I’m going to go with Tahiti. =)

  4. My next trip I would like to take is to Ireland…

  5. Dream destination – Patagonia

  6. Dream destination is Auckland. I had a trip planned there and then my wife got pregnant so we had to cancel. So I’m itching to go back but life is more expensive these days!

  7. New Zealand

  8. I’d love to travel to the Maldives

  9. Australia and New Zeland!

  10. I’d go to the MGM Grand in Las Vegas

  11. Dream destination is Tuscany

  12. I’d love to stay The Lodge at Torrey Pines in San Diego thank for a chance

  13. My dream destination is the Dominican Republic!!!

  14. So many places to pick. I want to do round the world trip, but if i have to pick one, I would say Maldives

  15. My next dream destination is Spain

    I hold an image of it in my head that I look forward to manifest into my physical reality.

  16. Spain! I need to go to Spain!

  17. Cancun, Mexico

  18. Antarctica

  19. Dream destination is Italy!

  20. Sweden. I have been dreaming for years.

  21. Queen Elizabeth Hotel in the most beautiful and culturally diverse city in my humble opinion, Montreal Que Canada

  22. Love to to NYC central park.

  23. Grand Cayman Islands

  24. My dream destination is this crumbled-down metropolis overgrown with verdant, choking jungle, like Angkor Wat only with modern buildings, like if the Amazon rainforest took over a recently-bombed city. I don’t know if it’s post-apocalyptic or on another planet, but I’m usually running and hiding from bad guys and sometimes there’s gunplay and people to rescue from harm’s way. While there, I’m often ridiculously good at parkour, and sometimes when I make a particularly daring jump or roll I actually thrash my limbs and wake myself up…anyway, that’s the destination of my dreams.

    Oh, sorry, where would I really, really, really like to go in the whole wide waking world?

    Hmm, I think a teeny Chilean fishing village would be all kinds of awesome.

  25. My dream destination is San Francisco.

  26. St Regis Singapore!!!

  27. In it to WIN it! Thank You!!!!

  28. My dream destination is Necker Island!

  29. Scotland! I’ve been obsessed with the Outlander books/tv show and would love to visit Culloden!

  30. I would love to finally see Fiji

  31. I would love to travel to Hawaii or Italy.

  32. We are planning a trip to India next on our list!

  33. Las Vegas Baby!

  34. Thank you for the chance to win!
    Dream Destination is the Maldive Islands or Andalusia Spain

  35. Tahiti has been on my list for a long time

  36. Our dream destination is Ireland

  37. My dream destination is London!

  38. I would love to travel to Germany

  39. I would love to go to Punta Cana.

  40. Rome would be my destination.

  41. Alaska! thx and God bless!

  42. I have always wanted to go to hawaii, but know that’s just a dream and not reality
    Within the last 2 years I have become legally blind and pretty much homebound
    I would love to have the opportunity to be able to get a week end away sometimes
    We live in florida so there’s always a close city to visit

  43. I’d love to take my husband to tour Italy and find the places where his ancestors lived.

  44. Lots of places I’m dying to see, but I’d say that Barcelona or Lisbon are next on the list.

  45. My dream destination is Hawaii

  46. I would love to visit Ireland!

  47. I want to try SFO, NYC and Austin TX.

  48. I would love to go to Italy!

  49. I would love to go to Hawaii!!!

  50. Hawaii is where I’d love to visit!

  51. I’ve never been to Hawaii , would love to go there.

  52. I would like to go to Puerto Rico.

  53. I’d love a chance *cough* excuse *cough* to go back to Tokyo again.

  54. My Dream Destination is Philippines 🙂

  55. Anywhere in South Africa, starting from the more civilized cities to the wilderness.

  56. Dream destination, huh? A small, secluded island in the middle of nowhere, away from civilization. But it must still have all the comforts of modern life, like Internet, air conditioning, clean water, etc. Wonder if such a place exists…

  57. Nyc please!

  58. I would love to travel to Alaska and Bora Bora!

  59. I would love to travel to Belize!

  60. I would like to travel back to the philippines

  61. Cambodia

  62. Washington DC ,for the Holidays ..

  63. I’d love to travel to San Francisco

  64. New Zealand has been on my bucket list for a long time!

  65. I would lovelovelove to go back to Mexico or hit up somewhere in the Bahamas!

  66. Brigette McGarrah

    New Zealand

  67. I would like to travel to Bora Bora

  68. Last Vegas for me… never been

  69. Rome!!!!!

  70. Ireland

  71. Argentina

  72. I would love to visit Moorea.

  73. Would love to go visit a Maori village in New Zealand!

  74. Spain: Madrid and Barcelona!

  75. Love Cancun as a destination

  76. Africa… I would love to go to Africa

  77. Would love to take my wife to the Conrad Maldives, as it’s her dream destination and to have a real honeymoon for both of us.

  78. Ibiza or French Rivera are on the short list.

  79. Dying to go to Argentina.

  80. I would love to visit Patagonia

  81. Park Hyatt Sydney

  82. This is hard because what I really want to do is a scenic train ride through the US! That is my dream but its multiple destinations.

  83. My dream destination is Ireland

  84. Portugal is only the latest of many dream vacations.

  85. It would be awesome to visit the Rapa Nui people on the Easter Islands

  86. My dream destination is to go to Greece, and visit my great great grandmother before she passes. Also, to visit the ancient sites of our Greek heritage and culture. This was a great write up, thank you for the information on the free membership. Greatly appreciated!

  87. My dream destination is Hawaii

  88. Dream destination is Zimbabwe or Zambia.

  89. So many dreams, but right now I’ll say Crete.

  90. Over water bungalow in bora bora

  91. I love Germany. The small villages and towns in Bavaria are something out of a dream.

  92. My dream destination would be to travel to Auckland, New Zealand. Thanks!

  93. Dreaming about Venice tonight.

  94. I’d love to go see my brother in New Hampshire.

  95. Florida beaches

  96. I’d love to go relax in Hawaii! =)

  97. Would love to travel to Austrailia.

  98. Chamonix France

  99. I would love to travel to Paris!

  100. Australia

  101. My next dream destination is Germany!

  102. My dream destination is Honolulu, Hawaii

  103. I would love to go to Tahiti.

  104. My next dream destination is Greece!!!

  105. My dream destination (with two small kids) is Australia for the beaches and the wildlife – little boy and mommy heaven!

  106. The virgin islands! Somewhere were the water is clear and the sun is hot! Where I can befriend a roaming sea turtle or admire the colors of the reef. The sand hot bit cooled in the shade of the palm trees where I lie listening to exotic birds rambling on about how good they have it. Somewhere like that sounds like a nice escape.

  107. Hawaii

  108. My dream destination is Auckland, New Zealand.

  109. Panama City, Panama

  110. Maui, Hawaii

  111. I have a trip booked for the amazing Switzerland, but finding a good deal is so difficult. Hope this will offset abit of the cost!

  112. My dream destination is pretty hometown of where I was born and raised. .Manchester Tennessee

  113. My dream destination would be a Europe Tour with my family

  114. Anywhere to see the Northern Lights (Finland or Iceland)

  115. My NEXT dream destination is Longyearben Island to go see polar bears

  116. Dream destination is an a 5 star African Safari with my family

  117. New York!

  118. Thank you for the information about and for the opportunity to win $250 towards a trip.

    My choice is Hawaii for my 50th birthday for my own “Hawaii Five-0”.

  119. Seoul’s at the top of my list!

  120. My next place to visit is Italy!

  121. Reikjavick to see the northern lights

  122. I would love to visit Uzbekistan and see Samarkhand

  123. New Zeland is my dream vacation

  124. My wife has had a tough year, so I want to take her to Dublin for our Anniversary

  125. Conrad Tokyo

  126. Dream destination: hiking the Himalayans

  127. Four Seasons Landaa Giraavaru, Maldives

  128. My destination is Clearwater Beach Florida.

  129. St Regis Bora Bora!

  130. My next dream destination is cancun. -sk

  131. I really want to take my husband to Las Vegas!

  132. Take my best friend where ever her heart desires so we can travel around the world two times – once for me then again to see it thru her eyes

  133. Bora Bora is my dream destination

  134. Tokyo and Paris

  135. Japan!

  136. Hawaii is my dreamed location.

  137. Cape Town South Africa is my absolute favorite vacation destination.

  138. My dream destination is…a return trip to Peru. I volunteered there years ago and was blessed to acquire a second family. I fell in love and very nearly married someone, but it didn’t work out. Even with that, I remain very close to him and his family and we share Godparenting duties. I want to see mi familia segunda…but also visit Machu Picchu. I was to do so before, but was unable to do to landslides. The food there is incredible…that is also on my list…stuff myself silly with delicious and healthy Peruvian cuisine!

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