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Do You Prefer to Talk When You Travel?

a plane parked at an airport

Earlier today, I mentioned I can get pretty lonely when I travel. Forch, I AM the guy who will strike up a convo with you oh this 6 hour flight.   You like trout fishing? ME TOO! Enjoy being quiet in flight?  ME TOO. What’s the deal with airplane food? …

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How to Fly in an A380 First Class Cabin

I’m sure most luxury miles and points travelers would love to fly in First Class on an A380. There are 143 of these birds out there, and Mighty Travels has a great article on what you need to do to get yourself into that cabin. For a peak into the cabin, …

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A Look at the $23,000 Singapore Airlines Suites Class

What’s it like flying in an airplane suite that can convert into a double bed?   And that costs $23,000? I was perusing Reddit can came across Derek Low’s post on the Singapore Airlines Suites Class. What really stood out to me was how stunning his photos are. For example: Rather than a …

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When Are We Going to Get Gyms on Planes?

a person on a treadmill

With the recent scientific news that sitting for long periods of time causes even more health problems than we’ve assumed, I have to ask–when are we going to get gyms in flight? I’ve often told people that being in flight is not that different from being in the office.  I have the …

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When Is It Okay to Switch Into PJs on a Flight?

On a day flight from Europe to the US, my mother and I marveled at the number of people who switched into (other airline) pajamas for the trip.  Since this was a day flight, it’s the type of flight you don’t want to fall asleep on in order to adjust back …

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US Airways Comes in Last for Traditional Carriers

US Airways did not rank well among traditional carriers. From CNN: The survey measures seven factors, including cost and fees, in-flight services, and the flight crew. The study is based on responses from passengers who flew on a major North America airline between March 2013 and March this year. …. …

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Giving Up Upgrades as a Business Traveler

a woman sitting in an airplane

Most of the travel I do comes from work.  The other day, someone asked me, as a Chairman with US Airways, if I fly in first-class every flight. I paused and thought about it.  My answer was, I get upgraded to first class a lot but I don’t fly in first …

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New (and improved!) Coffee Cups on US Airways Flights

US Airways has been pretty loyal to the Styrofoam coffee cups in first class on short-flights and pre-departure. The Styrofoam cups have been pretty dangerous.  I’ve cracked the Styrofoam a little bit occasionally and I’ve been scared of tipping over the light-weight cups. On my last flight, I got a …

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