New (and improved!) Coffee Cups on US Airways Flights

US Airways has been pretty loyal to the Styrofoam coffee cups in first class on short-flights and pre-departure.

The Styrofoam cups have been pretty dangerous.  I’ve cracked the Styrofoam a little bit occasionally and I’ve been scared of tipping over the light-weight cups.

Warning! May tip at any point.
Warning! May tip at any point.

On my last flight, I got a coffee before my flight and they gave me coffee in a paper cup.  Sorta like Starbucks.  Sorta like this without the lid:

Coffee Cup


It was sturdy.  It didn’t crack.  And I didn’t feel like I was going to pour my drink all over myself.   This paired with US Airways offering real glassware on their shorter flights too has made me a very happy flyer.


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