US Airways Comes in Last for Traditional Carriers

US Airways did not rank well among traditional carriers.

From CNN:

The survey measures seven factors, including cost and fees, in-flight services, and the flight crew. The study is based on responses from passengers who flew on a major North America airline between March 2013 and March this year.


United Airlines (UAL) and U.S. Airways ranked below the traditional segment’s average performance, with the latter coming in last. Among low-cost carriers, Frontier Airlines had the worst satisfaction ranking, J.D. Power said.

They blame some of the low ratings (such as Frontier) on fees.  But US Airways doesn’t have more fees than the other airlines.

What it does have is a lack of IFE, no outlets on the planes, and a first class that finally got glassware a few months ago post-merger.

What do you think?  Should United and US Airways be last?  As someone who doesn’t fly United that much, it surprised me for being just ahead of US Airways, so inform me!


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  1. Sounds right to me. United’s been a complete mess since the merger. US is a much more pleasant flying experience (less boarding drama, for instance) but First Class is embarrassing and the Airbii are tired-looking.

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