Great Travel Apps, Traveling as a Dual Citizen, and Donuts. Lots of Donuts.

I’ve learned in the travel world that it never hurts to ask.  In this case, I saw a great article about plane spotting and wanted to learn more.  Namely, the author mentioned that he uses a variety of apps for plane spotting.

I was cheeky enough to ask if he could write on them and he obliged.  In addition to the plane spotting apps, he writes on his other favorite travel apps.  It’s worth a read!

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Dual citizens face a lot of complications when flying–like knowing what passport to use.

My friend was a dual citizen of the US and Canada.  Before the Czech Republic joined the EU, he flew out to a conference in Prague.  Only taking his Canadian passport.

Back then, you needed a visa to enter in as a Canadian citizen, but could walk right in with an American passport.  He didn’t really think about this since he’s an American citizen.  And he had to turn right around and come back.

Miles Points and Bling writes on a regulation that will affect dual citizens who are Canadian citizens.

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Now that I can’t eat a lot of desserts, I’ve turned into a creepy friend who wants her friends to order food so she can watch them eat it.

I told you I’m creepy.

Now Ed from Pizza in Motion is letting me be creepy without being creepy.

He’s doing a series on donuts across America, and has a great post that goes into the different kinds of donuts he encounters.  Along with photos.  Delicious, delicious photos.



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