This 5200mAh Mobile Charger Only Needs 15 Minutes to Charge

One of my problems with portable chargers is that I only remember I want to take it with me a few minutes before I leave to go out.  I try to charge it last second and I get about a 3% charge on the device.  Which is not useful at all.

There’s a portable charger on Kickstarter that is 5200mAh but charges in fifteen minutes.  Even better. you can charge the device and your phone at the same time.  So, you do not have to decide which one you want to leave plugged in overnight.

This Kickstarter was just listed and is already at over 4 times its goal.

This case is especially geared towards gamers.  While it does not say specifically, I’m pretty sure it is geared towards people who play Pokemon GO.  I ended up deleting that app off my phone because my battery kept dying very quickly.

It’s called Chargemander, which also may have tipped me off to the Pokemon thing 😉

From the Kickstarter page:

WORLD’S FASTEST BATTERY CASE: Charge your Chargemander in just 15 minutes!

Having a beast of a battery isn’t enough, it has to be convenient to charge it. By leveraging state-of-the-art technology The Chargemander blows away competition in terms of charge speed allowing you to maximize your time gaming, not charging. How fast does it charge? The Chargemander charges up to 16x faster than standard power banks and cases on the market today giving you a full charge in just 15 minutes.

Please note that the 15 minutes charging time refers to how fast the battery itself charges–not how fast it charges your phone.

But you can leave the phone and the battery-case plugged in at the same time, which solves my original problem.

Don’t worry about charging your phone then your Chargemander, unlike other leading brands (like Mophie) where you need to charge your battery case with a different cord, you can charge your Chargemander and your phone at the same time with the same cord! Just leave your phone in your Chargemander case and plug it in and your phone will automatically start charging first. When your phone finishes charging, your Chargemander will charge next. Simple, easy and efficient means less time wasted hangin around and more time spent gaming!

Originally, the Chargemander was limited in what phones it would support.  Since it already reached four times its Kickstarter goal in the beginning of the campaign, they are working on releasing it for other phones.

The only thing that has me hesitating is how Pokemon inspired the design is.  (I know, I know, I’m superficial).  But the product concept itself is very cool.  Especially since my phone keeps dying on me all the time.  (My excessive tweeting can’t have anything to do with that, right?)

pokemon go battery

I backed it for now to lock in an early bird price, but I’m going to be watching the stretch goals to see what features they add / options they create.

More about Kickstarter

Please note, with Kickstarter, you are purchasing something before it is produced.  This particular product will ship in October though, as they are far along in the process.

Please be careful with what projects you back.  I focus on places that are currently running a business, or have had successful Kickstarters in the past.  (This particular company has had successful product releases in the past).  When an investment is risky, I make it knowing I could lose my money.  For example, I put some money into a food truck that never ended up being executed on.  This is against Kickstarter’s practices, but there’s nothing you can do if a place goes out of business.

Even though this company has successfully released products in the past, there is no guarantee that something won’t happen during this one–so there is always a risk with Kickstarter.  That said, I’ve had pretty good luck.

Please note, if enough people get this through my links, I could earn enough credit to get one myself.  I highly highly highly doubt that, but wanted to disclose it just in case.

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  1. Please just be very careful with this new product. Usually quick charging ties to higher voltage charging, which heat up the battery. They already have phones with quick charge which allow us to charge up to 80% in about half hours, or up ti 50% in 15 mins… The technology is good except that if the quality of battery is not good enough, it will burn/explode (didn’t we just hear about the story of Samsung Note 7?) Please don’t get me wrong, I am in the technology field and happy to see new, great products. However, since it is too new (not even available yet), when you get yours, please keep an eye open while charging it and don’t let it plug in when you’re not home…. just for your own safety.

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