Get Fable III Traitor’s Keep Quest Pack for Free

Fable III has been one of my favorite games.  It’s probably the only game that I ran around trying to do every single side quest (though I’m still missing a few gnomes).

fable 3 image

Part of what I really liked about it is that your choices have consequences in the rest of the game.  And sometimes you can’t trust the person requesting that you do a quest.  (Versus the typical trope of them being infallible and leading you down the right path for successful game completion).

When I finished the game, I was a bit sad that it was over–but quite happy that some downloadable content showed up soon after (at a price, of course).

Right now, the XBox store has the DLC for Fable III for free, in addition to a free dog pack (you can change the breed of your dog with it).

Hat tip to Slick Deals!

I just got the dog breed set, and I already had Traitor’s Keep.

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