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Old School-Style Awesome Noir Game on Kickstarter

I had the pleasure of meeting the SWDTech Games and playing a demo version of their Pixel Noir game.  They launched a Kickstarter for the game when still relatively unknown and, unfortunately, came up short during funding. After waiting it out and growing their profile a bit, they have launched a new Kickstarter–one …

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Kingdom Rush, an Epic Tower Defense Game, Now Free

One of my favorite iOS games has been Kingdom Rush–a tower defense game where you must protect villages from varying mythical creatures / fantasy characters. What I loved about this game was that the attacking hordes were so varied, you had to constantly think of how to upgrade towers for future types …

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30 Years of the Super Mario Brothers

Mario, of Nintendo fame, is celebrating his 30th birthday. Wait, since I played Super Mario Brothers as I kid this would mean I’m–let’s forget about the age thing. But Nintendo has released a fun website celebrating Mario’s birthday milestone. If you go to the history tab, there are cute highlights …

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