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Old School-Style Awesome Noir Game on Kickstarter

I had the pleasure of meeting the SWDTech Games and playing a demo version of their Pixel Noir game.  They launched a Kickstarter for the game when still relatively unknown and, unfortunately, came up short during funding.

After waiting it out and growing their profile a bit, they have launched a new Kickstarter–one that is already off on a fast clip.

In their language, it takes place on the “streets of a shithole… …Pinnacle City” that is a “a wretched hive of scum and villainy harboring black market trade.”  You are a private eye, trying to make it in the world.  And basically accepting any case that can help you make rent.

And it’s all done in old-school pixel style.


The action is done RPG style, so it isn’t so much of a button masher (though, mess with the wrong criminals and your face might get mashed.”

There are clues you can find and you can absolutely miss clues that change the course of the game.  This is very different from most contemporary games that push you along a clear story line and reminds me more of the Laura Bow games.  (<3 Roberta Williams)

And here’s a look at the infamous Pinnacle City.


pinnacle city

I’m personally in for more than I care to admit (mostly because there are three digits to my number), but I totally recommend jumping in for the game!

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