Free League of Legends Pack: 8 Champions & XP/IP Boost

I’m a former World of Warcraft player and have been kinda scared to try League of Legends given how obsessed I was with WoW.  But I promised a friend I would try it out.  (The things I do for friends…)

Today, Amazon has a free starter pack for League of Legends.  You can link it to an existing account or create a new one through Amazon.  It comes with League of lLegends free champions.

league of legends free champions

Even though it is free, Amazon does make you go through the whole checkout process.  This is my experience with free things on Amazon in the past, so it’s nothing strange–I just thought I would warn you.

The starter pack comes with:

  • 8 powerful champions
    • Ashe, Garen, Ryze, Annie, Warwick, Nunu, Master Yi, and Sivir.
  • A boost to your XP and IP.

Since I don’t play this game, I checked the comments to see if this really is a deal, or if it’s something everyone gets.  It is a good deal.  According to one commentator (who is a regular player), “Getting these champions on your own would cost 3,600 IP (which probably will take you around ~50 games).”

League of Legends is free to play, though you can purchase the in-game currency (IP) to speed up your progress.  This is the type of model used by a lot of iPad games.

My friend suggested I invest a little so I could start with a couple of champions–this starter pack removes the need to do that!  After all, it comes with League of Legends free champions.

Here are a couple:

One of the League of Legends free champions

One of the League of Legends free champions, Ashe.  Ashe is a marksman type and has frost abilities that show enemies.

league of legends free champions garen

Another of the League of Legends free champions, Garen.  From what I’ve read, Garen is great for tanking.

Enjoy your League of Legends free champions!

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    Hy is this still available?Please i need the pack to start my account my summ name is Ilysatin

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