30 Years of the Super Mario Brothers

Mario, of Nintendo fame, is celebrating his 30th birthday.

Wait, since I played Super Mario Brothers as I kid this would mean I’m–let’s forget about the age thing.

But Nintendo has released a fun website celebrating Mario’s birthday milestone.

If you go to the history tab, there are cute highlights from all the different games.  Including Super Mario Land–a game I spent a ridiculous number of hours on but totally forgot about.

Kevin of Economy Class & Beyond linked me to this article about the anniversary.

From RocketNews 24:

The iconic Nintendo mascot is approaching his 30th birthday and his anniversary webpage has been updated to reflect that with a new video and a page that commemorates all the Super Mario games.

But the link in the RocketNews article is the Japanese version of the website–which contains its very own Easter egg.  News reports say this is missing from the US version of the website–but I was able to find it there!

Nintendo is currently gearing up for the release of its Mario Maker–a program where you can design your own Mario levels.

But if you cannot wait that long, here’s a way to turn your desktop into a playable level of Super Mario Brothers.  You’re welcome.

By the way, has he found the princess yet?

mario meme

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