US Airways

Upgrades on Award Trips Going Away on US Airways

US Airways and American Airlines announced their plan to combine the programs moving forward.  View from the Wing has a great analysis. I picked up on a little subtle phrasing in their announcement though: January 2015 Enjoy complimentary same-day confirmed flight changes on American, a new benefit for Chairman’s Preferred …

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US Airways Clubs Take a Massive Downgrade on Alcohol

When I was excited about US Airways’ offering free liquor in the club, some people warned me not to get too excited because it was Gordon’s vodka.  Not exactly A+ brand. But in the US Airways Club today, I noticed Absolute on the shelf instead of Gordon’s.  Not too bad. But …

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ExpertFlyer Now Supporting US Airways Upgrades and Availability

ExpertFlyer will begin supporting US Airways Award & Upgrade searching and alerting. From their press release: As part of our continued partnership with American Airlines, we are pleased to announce that ExpertFlyer now supports full US Airways Award & Upgrade searching and alerting. The addition of awards and upgrades from US Airways …

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